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This past weekend I released a new open source project called Easy Lua.  It's a wrapper around the Lua port that is included in Adobe's open source CrossBridge project.  It lets you easily integrate Lua scripts into any ActionScript project (Flash, AIR, etc) with a minimum of headache and zero knowledge of Lua's C API.

CrossBridge is an amazing piece of technology that unfortunately receives little press.  In summary, it combines GCC with FreeBSD's libc and allows you to compile C/C++ code to ABC bytecode.  Since ABC is the native bytecode for Adobe Flash and AIR, you end up with a version of Lua that can fully integrate with all of Adobe's runtimes (mobile, desktop, and web).

The main use case for Easy Lua is to add Lua scripts to ActionScript based games.  I plan on using it to implement card game engines in Lua so that the engine can be used both on the client (single-player mode) and on the server (mutli-player mode).  This will mean less development time, more code reuse, and hopefully fewer bugs.